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A Champion Among Us

Posted on Oct 16, 2014 by Dawn Baca   4 Comments | Posted in Travels & Adventures


On October 11, 2014 the last race of the season for the Pacific Challenge Race Series took place. A truly unique event this year, the first time the last race was to be held the same night of the Nascar K&N BMR event on the same track.

A brand new experience for me as this was our first season participating behind the scenes. My husband attended most races this season helping with the pit crew, although I only made it a few times, I was able to help in a very limited capacity with miscellaneous duties as I am not very knowledgeable in areas of racing and pit crews.


Mike Beeler of Beeler Industries driving the number 6 car raced a fantastic race. Mike started the race after a not so stellar qualifying; qualifying at the 13th position, but steady focus and talented driving moved him up the ranks quickly.


Mike David’s Racing Crew from David’s Racing Products (https://local.yahoo.com/info-26919282-david-s-racing-products-salida) kept it all running smoothly in the pits and the track! Such an amazing group of men, the crew was even willing to lend a hand and help where it was needed, even though it was on another car from another team.


Another great time with friends, with the bonus of watching a fantastic racer at work. I have to admit it is a far different experience to be part of a pit crew than just a simple spectator in the stands! Even if I was only part of the cook crew! The exhilaration is far more intense! The action never stops; checking the tires, adding fuel, the pit crew never seems to pause. There is always something to be done to get the driver ready for the race! The crew is responsible for the prep of the car, the prep of the driver, the food, the pit spot, the qualifying, and then of course the actual race. It makes for an extremely long day. I have to admit there is a small advantage that practice is done the day before giving us a small reprieve on race day.


I found it to be a completely different experience when you are rooting for your favorite anonymous driver and being a part of a crew/team of someone! There’s a tie or bond there that you can’t imagine! I never really gave it much thought before, having limited experience with racing in general, and not a long-standing interest.


Things got extremely tense with each accident as is typical in all races. However one that had us say Holy Crap happened when the number 41 car driven by Junior Roddy  went from a solid first place position for more than 60 laps suddenly down to approximately 15th place! One of the craziest things to see! Especially when it was a simple malfunction of the ignition switch that was quickly remedied allowing him to stay in the race though no longer in the top position!


Though Mike Beeler didn’t win this race coming in 5th place, his accumulated points allowed him to walk away with this year’s Series Championship! Giving the crew a fabulous reason to celebrate! And celebrate we did! The champagne flowed and flowed! I hope to be lucky enough to participate again next year; I really enjoyed being a part of such an awesome crew.


4 Responses to "A Champion Among Us"

  1. Comment by Becka Beehler
    October 16, 2014 6:50 am

    Thanks so much Dawn, great article. We appreciate it!

  2. Comment by Hank Mahesri
    October 16, 2014 6:50 am

    nice write-up champion!

  3. Comment by Marie Moreno
    October 16, 2014 6:51 am

    Nice job, I really enjoyed reading it, but one thing WHAT we’re you doing up at 5:00am lol

  4. Comment by Karol
    October 16, 2014 6:51 am

    Good job

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