Dawn can always be found with a book nearby. An insatiable reader since childhood, she enjoys all genres of fiction.

It began with Romance novels, looking for happily ever after. When the frog didn’t turn into a prince, she moved on to Sci-Fi. A little more fantastical than romance in some ways in others more grounded. Not all frogs turn into princes but they can certainly turn into best friends.

Murder mysteries came next, and the fear the prince would turn into a frog. But she kept going and eventually it led to writing.

There is so much in you, and it’s a tough call to decide what is safe and what is not.

A friend explained: “It’s your life. It’s your pain. Own it. Don’t be afraid of what someone else is going to say about it. So take your pain and take your experience and write it.”

Anne Lamott said it best: “You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should’ve behaved better.”

Dawn loves to travel, first inspired by the many great places found in books. She divides her free time camping in the mountains in the summer, which is her husband’s first love, and cruising the seas to fabulous destinations during the winter, which is her passion.

She lives in Central Valley California with her family and their many rescued animals.