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Thanks for stopping by. All authors need readers. And reviews. It helps us gauge what readers are looking for and it helps other readers find our work.

By signing up you are agreeing to review any previously published, new releases, and/or advanced reader copies of books.

By applying, you agree to the following…

My verifying your Facebook, Goodreads, and Blogs, if you have one, to confirm you are, in fact, a real person.

Membership does not depend on star ratings. I want honest reviews! If you hated it, that’s okay, you’re entitled to your opinion. If you love my work, well really, no author is going to complain about that!

It is important for all authors to have reviewers who understand what they’re reading and reviewing. If you only read specific genre’s, this is not the group for you. I currently write contemporary romance, women’s fiction. Please consider what you’re reading and review with that in mind.

You are not signing up for free books that you’ll eventually read.

Members who fail to post in a timely fashion will forfeit their membership.

Members must email links to their reviews to maintain membership.

You must know how to download and install .mobi, or .epub to your preferred reading device. If you don’t please reach out and we can walk you through it.

International members welcome!

Finally, ARCs are sent with embedded protection to avoid piracy. This protection also helps me identify who pirated my work, should my work be pirated. Team members are asked to not share or distribute the file. If you know someone that wants to read the story, direct them to my street team so they can get the story themselves.

***Not everyone who enters will automatically become an approved review member***

If you are interested, sign up for our blog/newsletters, and send an email to Dawn@DawnBaca.com.

Thank you! Dawn Baca

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