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Bringing May Flowers

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Spring is in Bloom!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there, whether of the two-legged variety or the four-legged mischief makers. I hope your weekend was peaceful and full of champagne buffets you didn’t have to clean up after.

The weather is lovely outside, yet I’m inside, either commuting 3 hours each way to the current day job, in the office of the day job or tied to my desk at home, plugging away at my next novella. Sophie and Claude aren’t exactly cooperating, or maybe it’s my wayward muse, but no matter how you look at it, I’m convinced more than ever that I’m never going to be a linear writer, even with a halfway decent outline created at the beginning.

Oh, how I wish I could start with Chapter one and end at Chapter forty and have everything fall into place on each page. Even with an attempted outline to put things in order, it hasn’t been nearly that simple. I’ve written plenty of scenes from the middle of the book, but not quite that many for the beginning.

Beginnings have always been a bit tricky for me, to be honest, so I just skip them and follow the muse’s crazy path, knowing eventually the entire story will come together as it should. To give you an idea, here’s a little snippet from one of the beginning scenes of the book, but not the actual beginning because heaven knows that it will change at least a few more times…



The house was finally quiet. Though Sophie knew the silence would be fleeting, she was grateful nonetheless. She was over the moon to have her best friend here to help with the last minute wedding preparations, including her two children and fantastic husband, although it had become increasingly clear that bringing Addison’s entire extended family over early was more of a burden than a blessing. Her sisters were sweet enough, especially the youngest two, but Addison’s mother Tandy was exasperating.

Sitting in the parlor sipping a much-needed martini, heaving a heavy sigh, Sophie rolled her eyes at Addison. “Can’t I send them home and bring them back just the day of the wedding? At least her.” Sophie said the last word in a low whisper, sneaking a quick glance at the open door.

“I wish.” Addison pursed her lips, though there was a mischievous glint in her eye.

“I don’t think I can handle a whole week of your mother.”

Addison shook her head. “I warned you that bringing her over so early was not wise.”

“Ugh, I know. I was trying to be practical. It made more sense to bring your whole family over first then send the plane to Russia for Sergei’s.”

“Yeah, well now you have to live with her for the week.”

Sophie let out an exaggerated sigh. “Seriously though, what’s your secret?”

“By not living in the same house mostly!” Addison shrugged.

“Understood. Merde.” Sophie’s hands waved in the air.


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Animal Antics:

Harry Potter Dresden happens to be the combination of both mine and my late father’s two favorite wizards. I introduced my dad to J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series giving him the entire audio set for Xmas one year.

He introduced me to Jim Butchers Harry Dresden series which I then bought him the first four audios since he started in the middle. Two completely different takes on wizards, and two different worlds. Young and Adult yet both wildly entertaining.



Harry Potter Dresden was the biggest boy of the litter from our friend and Frodo’s littermate. He is a medium haired boy with fluffy, cotton ball fur which makes him look even bigger than he is, which says a lot for a fur ball that weighs in at 16 lbs.

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