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A New Season Begins

Posted on May 4, 2015 by Dawn Baca   No Comments Yet | Posted in Travels & Adventures

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On April 18th, 2015 Mike Beeler, of Beeler Industries once again raced his heart out in the first race of the (PCS) or Pacific Challenge Series 2015 season at the All American Speedway. Mike David’s Racing Crew from David’s Racing Products were once again on hand to support Mike and the number 6 car.


A fantastic day of practice, the car was in excellent condition though he didn’t qualify as well as expected he still started in a very good position. Mike finished second in the Trophy Dash race, a six-lap race, with the top six qualifiers, that race for a trophy. His beautiful wife Rebecca, her darling mother Bette, and Mike’s lovely sister Renee visiting from her home in Horn, Switzerland were all there to cheer him on.


He spent a majority of the first 50 of the expected 75 laps in the lead, until the 57th lap when the driver of the number 18 car, Travis Milburn of Eagle, Idaho took him out of the race. After hitting him and taking out his rear end, Beeler spun out and was forced to end the night. They ended the race at lap 66 due to time constraints because of the ten pm hard stop the racetrack has. Had they ended the first race earlier as anticipated, or ended the race after 50 laps, Mike Beeler certainly had a shot at finishing the race in the long held first slot.



Shannon Mansch in the number 61 car took the lead, and finished the remaining nine laps in first place.

Back at the pits fans stopped by to get a hug, shake the hands, and ask questions of Mike Beeler while he took a minute before the crew loaded up and left for the night.


The Pacific Challenge Series has partnered up with Maita Chevrolet in Elk Grove as a new Sponsor this season. Check out their Facebook page and say hello to Joel Hamilton while you’re there.

There is now talk that this may be the final season for the All American Speedway’s track. The drivers had already in the past decided to no longer be affiliated with the NASCAR series based on the feeling that it was not conducive to the (ROI) or Return on Investment. Now the track is looking for a new operator of the fairgrounds, which includes the running the racetrack.

Due to financial concerns the schedule has already been reduced to fifteen races from the usual twenty-two-race schedule, and they are not holding any races the month of July.

The team is not disillusioned though they are working diligently to put the racecar back together to get Mike ready for the upcoming race at the Ukiah Speedway on May 9th.



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