Dawn can always be found with a book nearby. An insatiable reader since childhood, she has an eclectic taste for all genres of fiction.

It began with Romance novels as a young teen. More than anything she was looking for evidence that happily ever after’s did exist. After a while, she decided that she needed to stop reading them when she kept looking for the frog to turn into a prince.

Science fiction and fantasy followed shortly after. It’s a little more fantastical than romance in some ways in others it grounded her. It taught her that not all frogs turn into princes but they can certainly turn into best friends.

Once she started reading murder mysteries it was even worse than romances because she kept looking for the prince to turn into a frog. But she kept going and eventually that led her to writing.

Becoming a published author has been the adventure of a lifetime. She’s met some incredible people and made lifelong friends along the way.

While writing she learned while there is so much in you, it’s not always easy to find the words.

Her greatest influences and inspirations come from authors like Nora Roberts, Mary Higgins Clark, Barbara Mercer, Casey Hagen, Deb Julienne, and Amabel Daniels.

Dawn loves to travel, first inspired by all of the great places found in her books. She divides her free time camping in the mountains in the summer, which is her husband’s first love, and spends the winter months in her RV on the beach in Baja. 

While she misses cruising the seas to fabulous destinations, which is her passion, she is just thrilled at any chance to have sand between her toes and the sounds of the waves lulling her to sleep.

She lives in Central Valley California with her husband and their various adopted and rescued pets.

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