Her Guarded Heart

Her Guarded Heart

The first story in the “Letting Love In” Series

 Featuring Addison and Sergei


Independence born of fear . . .

Addison Tetrick fears one thing: becoming like her demanding, train-wreck of a mother who wallows in the bitterness bred by poor choices, from marrying the wrong men to being controlled by them. Addison vows to walk a different path, one of independence and free of men—until she meets fellow student Sergei Petrova while studying abroad. Sergei’s intelligence, kindness, and dedication to family win Addison’s heart. But is that enough to dissolve her fears?

Devotion born of strength . . .

Sergei Petrova is driven to bring pride to his adoptive parents whose love built a solid foundation, but his ambition toward success has left him hollow. When Sergei meets Addison, his world explodes with light, and he knows she is the missing piece of his heart. Convinced Addison is his destiny, Sergei promises to destroy the barriers behind which she hides.

Love born of the stars . . .

Addison and Sergei soon find their hearts and souls entwined. Sergei believes no obstacle can break them, but Addison’s fears deepen and darken until tensions boil, and she makes a fateful decision that shatters their world. A life apart is in their stars until the Fates offer a second chance. But is Addison capable of releasing a lifetime of fear to accept the gift of Sergei’s heart? Sergei’s love for Addison must be strong enough to conquer the walls that surround . . . Her Guarded Heart.

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Her Guarded Heart ~ Her Heart’s DesireHis Heart’s Promise ~ Her Heart’s Wish ~ His Heart’s Burden



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