Her Heart’s Desire

Her Heart’s Desire

   The second story in the “Letting Love In” Series

   Featuring Sophie and Claude

A loving woman’s desire . . .

Sophie Compte leads a charmed life. Blessed with brains, beauty, and wealth she’s spent her whole life preparing to someday take the reins of the family business, a horse-breeding farm world-renowned for its championship lineage. Also lucky in love, Sophie expects to marry the only boy ever to win her heart—if she can convince the man he’s become to bury his foolish pride.

A strong man’s honor . . .

Claude Durand loves Sophie more than his next breath, but loving her and being worthy of her are two different things. He appreciates the long-term employment assured to him and his widowed mother by Sophie’s family, but he is determined to earn it for himself. For Claude, this means becoming an accomplished veterinarian so his value to the Compte business will never be questioned. He’ll marry Sophie because she owns his heart, but not until he’s proven to the world he’s the man she deserves.

Threatened by scandal and pride . . .

Turmoil erupts with the discovery of drugged horses on the Compte farm, and everyone with access to the stables is a suspect. The scandal spirals the business downward, threatening the future of Sophie’s family and Claude’s. The lovers race to find the real culprit before Sophie’s legacy is destroyed and Claude’s hard-earned reputation with it. Sophie is positive their love is strong enough to survive even the destruction of all they’ve worked for, but she fears Claude’s misplaced pride is stronger. She’ll do whatever it takes to convince him that win or lose, he will always be her heart’s desire.

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