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Reader’s feedback is always welcome and appreciated. Authors love to hear from their readers, no matter the feedback, no matter the platform. Readers are even welcome to leave comments on my book pages. 

I want honest feedback! If you hated it, that’s okay, you’re entitled to your opinion. If you love my work, well really, no author is going to complain about that!

All authors need to have readers who enjoy what they’re reading. If you only read specific genres, this is not the group for you. I currently write women’s romantic fiction. While I am nowhere near 50 Shades of Gray! My books are not considered clean either.

International members welcome!

Finally, ARCs are sent with embedded protection to avoid piracy. This protection also helps me identify who pirated my work, should my work be pirated. Team members are asked to not share or distribute the file. If you know someone who wants to read the story, direct them to my street team so they can get the story themselves.

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