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“Blessed are the weird people:
poets, misfits, writers, mystics, painters,
troubadours for they teach us to see
the world through different eyes.”
― Jacob Nordby



Hello, my fellow bibliophiles,

It’s June, and it’s hotter than Hades. Summers are always miserable. The heat is intense, at least for me. I’m more of a moderate person. I hate the high heat just as much as the frigid cold. It feels like there are fewer spring and fall days as each year passes.

Some Fun Stuff:

For the community pop-up that I’m participating in at the end of the month, I bought some unique coffee cups and ordered a couple custom vinyl stickers for them. To make them a little more interesting I’ve put a small French Lavender Sachet, two packets of French Coffee, a pen, and a surprise trinket. Some will have key rings, some will have other token jewelry pieces, and others have some really cool swag from other authors they’ve given me to share for them.

The pop up details are here: https://www.facebook.com/DawnMBaca

I’ve been cleaning up my house and office and such, just doing the usual purge that happens when you go looking for something that you put away to keep safe, and then of course can’t find it to save your life… What a rabbit hole that leads to.

So while doing that I came across a bunch of cute things that I always meant to give away as gifts, birthdays, stocking stuffers, etc. so I’m going to put those in the coffee cups, and in the prize packets to use as giveaways as well.

I promise to post all the pictures from our pop-up party next time!

Just a quick reminder that the book boxes are still available to be ordered. If you are interested in a book box, please take a look here for more details: Gift Book Boxes


If you are interested in learning more you can always shoot me an email at: [email protected] – or here on my website.

All Things Writing:

Once the pop-up is done and I am back to normal, okay stop laughing, as normal as I get, I fully intend to get back to work on Leila and Cassie, the next two books in the series.


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Books with characters that go through change, growth, and a journey that leads to fulfillment. Doesn’t have to be a happy ending, but one filled with hope.


News from other Authors:

Saving Shelby

Saving Shelby Cover


One decision can change your life and save your heart! Shelby Reid didn’t expect to find herself starting over. But when her marriage to her childhood sweetheart falls apart, and she finds herself as a single mother trapped in a soul-sucking, dead-end job with a shattered heart, she isn’t ready to give up. Despite years of being told she isn’t good enough, there is still a flicker of independence burning inside her, and she is determined to quench her thirst for adventure while making a better life for herself and her kids. But when she gets a little too drunk after a disastrous blind date and signs up for a Survival Spa Camp, things take an unexpected twist. Ian Mclean is a man with a dark past. Troubled, tortured, and smoking hot, he is oblivious to the possibility of love—until Shelby walks into his life and turns everything upside down. His heart is closed to the possibility of finding love again, but with just a few smiles, Shelby threatens to shatter his defenses. When she turns up on the survival course he is teaching, he is forced to fight his attraction, especially since there is another woman who is supposed to be getting his particular attention. As desire takes hold, and their chemistry hits a boiling point, Ian’s anguished past and Shelby’s reluctance to ever depend on a man again pushes their student-teacher relationship to a dangerous tipping point, putting Shelby’s life in danger. Can Shelby trust herself enough to let Ian support her dreams? Or will she push him away to protect her heart? Can Ian open himself up to love? Or will he let his past hold him back from this shot at happiness?

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Finally Got It Right

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  • A Rockstar who broke his promise to resurrect his fiancée’s languishing ranch, but took five years to return. Will she grant him a second chance, or has their love played its last tune?
  • A young woman who fled the big city to escape her politician father’s cheating scandal…only to fall for a struggling small-town bike builder waiting for his big break. Is he a cheat like her father, or could the sexy single dad be custom-made for her?
  • A rundown single mom looking for a break and a kind-hearted entrepreneur in love with the wrong woman. Will their chemistry bring them love…or will the ghosts of her past come back to haunt them?
  • A divorced, big-time city baker forced to return to her family’s ranch. Falling for the younger and all too charming ranch hand was never part of the plan…
  • A scandal that made Mitch and Olivia enemies. Can they now claim their joint inheritance without starting World War III?
  • A haunted vet with nowhere else to go and a determined woman with no place to call home. Can they heal the hurricane-ravaged town of Patriot Bay…or with their broken hearts get in the way?
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The Nantucket Estate

The Frost family boasts the Nantucket Estate, an enormous and historic property on the magical island of Nantucket. This beachfront estate rests so close to the shore that the sea mist sprinkled the children and family dog, Bear as they played in the yard. At the end of each day, the family fell asleep to the sweet sound of water crashing the rocks. The Frost family created lifelong memories at the estate.

The only problem is that no one is around to enjoy it anymore…

Elizabeth Frost is the glue that held the family together for so long, but not even she could keep her kids and the family intact. A family secret splintered the family leading them to not speak to each other for years. This all changes when tragedy strikes once again and the siblings come home to Nantucket Island. What happens next, no one could predict.

A mysterious encounter with an unexpected character…

A journey to find love…

The risk of losing it all…

While on Nantucket island, you’ll meet some unforgettable characters who will feel like old friends and capture your heart right from the start.

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The Rewrite

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When Savannah Guiseppe returned to her hometown. She returned to the cabin remembering the magic of Earth Day and the man who broke her heart.

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I can’t wait to share with you the fun of the pop-up party. The year seems to be speeding by and I can barely catch my breath. But I’m expecting that very soon things will settle down again and I will be able to get back to the stable routine of writing. Right now the three faeries, my fairy godmother, my fixer fairy and my earth faerie are keeping up with me, so I think I am in good hands.

Stay safe, and talk to you soon!


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