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“The first real day of spring is like the first time a boy holds your hand.
A flood of skin-tingling warmth consumes you, and everything shines with a fresh,
colorful glow, making you forget that anything as cold and harsh as winter ever existed.”
– Richelle E. Goodrich

Greetings –  

I want to thank you all for sticking with me through the recent tech issues. As far as I know, this has been resolved and we have run several tests for it. If you are not showing emails from me, please make sure you have added my email address to your contacts:

[email protected]

I’ve had a few folks tell me that their emails ended up in the junk/spam folder and that makes it harder to get the messages from me!My monthly newsletters are packed with what my readers have told me that they want to read. I try to make sure there is a blend of everything for everyone. A little personal, a little about the crazy menagerie I call home, and of course, all the book info. If there is something you’d like to see more of, drop me a line, I’d love to hear from you.

My corned beef brisket dinner was a hit with the neighbors. I love cooking and I have yet to truly master the art of cooking for two. Since I tend to cook mass quantities, I tend to send food out to the various neighbors to eat. So of course I had 3 briskets that started out pretty decent size but I swear were the size of hot dogs when they came off the grill. We have a Traeger grill and I absolutely love to cook on it. It gives just a slightly smoky flavor depending on the various pellets. Meatloaf, Chile Verde, it doesn’t matter, I love to start the meats off there, and then put them together however they are meant to be. I have been accused of trying to fatten up the neighborhood. I plead the fifth here.

Some Fun Stuff:

I’m still making a list of cute things for giveaways and I’ve started putting things together to use as part of my gift boxes.
The signed paperbacks are always available on my website, Here
But some readers have asked for more. A few have asked me to create a special gift box for a friend or relative as a present, and so we’ve been playing with ideas. I’ve got lots of goodies to go with the gift packs. But I always want suggestions and ideas. If you are interested in getting a gift box for yourself or a friend let me know.
I don’t have an actual store set up on my website yet, but we will look into our options soon.
I wanted to bring my readers special swag that is not only nice but useful. So much these days is disposable and thrown away before most people even leave the building. I wanted more for my readers.

What I’ve got right now is the following:

    • A book-specific bookmark with a book-specific charm
    • A general bookmark with a series-specific charm
    • Vinyl logo stickers
    • A ballpoint ink pen
    • A magnet
    • A postcard filled with a special recipe for each book

Currently, my gift boxes have been personal, based on what I have available, but for the larger world gift boxes, I’m considering new ideas. I want to make sure that what I send out readers really love.

My plan is to keep the costs of these gift boxes inexpensive so that more people can afford to enjoy them, so I’m aiming for each individual book to be $25 each with a $6.99 shipping fee to start for a single book. If you buy Book’s one and two together, I will give a discount, and upgrade the box with even more goodies, and if you purchase all three paperbacks together I will discount it further, and make it a premium gift box.

Each individual box would include an autographed paperback copy of the book of choice, and a few items of personalized swag.

I’m playing around with some of the following ideas. Not everything will be in every box, but you won’t be disappointed:

    • Custom Shammy Coasters
    • A tube of chapstick
    • Handmade all-natural aromatherapy bath bombs
    • Handmade all-natural aromatherapy shea butter
    • Handmade all-natural aromatherapy glycerin soaps
    • Handmade all-natural aromatherapy Wax Melts
    • Handmade all-natural aromatherapy soy-based candles
    • Handmade all-natural aromatherapy Wax Melts
    • A personalized coffee mug with a single sleeve of French coffee and a French tea bag (Just as Sophie would have wanted)
    • A postcard with a link to an eBook of one of my favorite authors
    • Signed paperbacks of some of my favorite authors (this will vary for each box depending on what is available)

My goal is to have everything available before Mother’s Day, since who wouldn’t want to receive a special gift of books. Not everything has been or decided on definitively, or ordered, so of course, I’m waiting on delivery before I can commit to anything specific, but I would love to hear your ideas. You can always shoot me a message here: [email protected], or respond to the email.

All Things Writing:

I’ve been so busy editing book five that I have gotten behind on writing book four. My writing process is pretty much the equivalent of throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping things stick. I know not the normal process of an author, what can I say, I have an odd way of doing pretty much everything I put my mind to. It usually works out well so I’ve just gone with it. I’m also reading a lot of critiques for other authors so there’s going to be some fabulous books coming out soon.

Book News:

I plan to bring you more FREE BOOKS not only through the usual Bookfunnel Promotions but some of the fabulous authors. If you enjoy them, please follow them on Amazon, and on their websites to get more deals in your inbox.
All authors appreciate the feedback from their readers. In some cases, it’s the nudge we need to keep writing and continue having faith in our writing. Sharing opinions on major platforms are vital to the success of authors. It shows others how much they enjoyed the story, and it gives readers a chance to share their impressions. Please consider leaving a review each time you read a book. It means the world to us.
I sent out an email last month asking if anyone was interested in being a part of my street team. I am honestly humbled and excited by the response. If you are interested in being a part of the street team, please send me an email at [email protected] and let me know what kind of books you are interested in reading, and if you would be interested in reading for other author’s as well. If you are I will let a few of my author friends know. I am ramping up my social media profiles as well, so please find me here and join the fun.

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Author Spotlight:
Amabel Daniels:

Amabel has been churning out new books like a fiend. In the last couple of years, I’ve had such a hard time keeping up with her. She seems to be able to write them far faster than I seem to be able to beta-read them for her. But every book she writes is even better than the last. Her last two series were a fantasy/paranormal/sci-fi blend. I think they are absolutely amazing. I’m pretty spoiled because I’m one of her critique partners so I get to read most of her books before anyone else.

She’s got quite a few FREE books available on Amazon right now so snap them up while you can:

SEEK – Book 1 of the Project Xol Series
On the Way to the Cabin
Better Than the Best – Book 1 of the Newland Series

Her last two amazing cliffhanging series are below. I loved reading every minute of them.

Project Xol (6 Book Series)

Project Xol Series Blurb
It’s been months since Cassidy Shaw has heard from her mother, Rosa, a world-renown scientist. When she does, it’s in the form of an urgent edict to retrieve a key. Arriving at Rosa’s apartment in Cincinnati, Cassidy encounters strangers. One man who seems determined to silence her. The other, could he be her savior?
Luke Dixon enters the fray, believing his neighbor is being attacked. Never one to ignore someone in distress, he’s then shocked to realize he’s the one needing rescue. Bound together through violence, Cassidy and Luke must come to trust each other as they embark on a search, armed only with the key and Rosa’s cryptic directions. It’s a journey with unexpected answers and decades-old research. A search with more questions…and a lethal enemy who returns when least expected.
Cassidy and Luke begin a journey and race that takes them across the country and to foreign dangers. Meeting threats, allies, and foes, they struggle to find and maintain trust in each other so they can stop a nefarious plan for power.

Olde Earth Academy (8 Book Series)

Olde Earth Academy Blurb
Before Layla Holden can start her freshman year at Coltin High, she receives an unexpected invitation to attend a private school she’s never heard of. She doesn’t hesitate to accept, eager to escape the close-minded small town where she’s been taunted and teased for seeing otherworldly creatures. Anywhere has to be better than home.
Yet she’s only permitted to go if she brings her twin sister Sabine along for the ride.
Inside the walls of the castle-like fortress on the isolated campus, the girls find many secrets and hidden mysteries. Layla’s never shied from challenges and is determined to pass her first year. However, with more unusual and bigger monsters lurking at the school, she struggles to keep her ability a secret. On top of the pressure to succeed in the competitive school, she also attracts the attention of a new student, Flynn Madsen. He’s not the only one who’s curious about her, but he seems to have the same gift of sensing these supernatural beings.
In a new school, it’s impossible to know who to trust and what to believe. By keeping her own secrets closely guarded, Layla has to have faith in herself. Not her bookish roomie, not the cute new boy who seems too curious about her. Because sometimes holding your own secrets can overpower the need to unravel others–a fine balance of controlling your fears or letting them destroy you.

Bookfunnel Promos:

April – Woman’s Fiction, Humorous Fiction, and/or Historical Fiction 
April 01 – April 30 

April – Love, Mystery, and/or Adventure Leading to the Altar 
April 01 – April 30

Kisses and Sweethearts
April 01 – April 30

April Showers Bring May Flowers
Kindle Unlimited – All eBook $3.99 or less

StoryOrigin Promos:

The Hitchhiker in Panama (Love and Wanderlust Book 1)
by Liz Alden

A backpacker with big plans. A flirty and insatiable sailor. Will a change in the tide bring on a shift of fate?
This is my chance! Finally, I can shake off the hold of my overprotective mother, and career obligations, and have a real adventure.
Backpacking through the Panama Canal.
Embracing my wanderlust.
It sounds like sheer bliss.
Then… I meet Eivind. The sexy, charismatic sailor invites me aboard his vessel, with the promise of breathtaking scenery and tantalizing nights as we sail to far-off ports.
Twenty-five days at sea. The prospect is equal parts terrifying and thrilling. Can I convince myself to let go and sail headlong into limitless possibilities? Or have I embarked on a journey to heartbreak?
The Hitchhiker in Panama features an Australian backpacker, a Norwegian sailor, and forced proximity in a sailboat. Full of adventure and slow-burn steam, this standalone will take you to exotic tropical destinations with flirty attraction between two travelers. The Love and Wanderlust series is a contemporary romance for everyone who likes their wanderlust to continue into the happily-ever-after.

Nearly Late
by Kate Frey

No one likes a high school reunion. Ok, maybe some people do. Those who are born with the rare amalgamation of genes that allow for a Disney movie version of secondary school. It wasn’t the case for Jenny then, and it certainly wasn’t the case for her now.
Ongoing fights with brain cancer left her with a permanent bad hair day for her teen years and the only thing worse than disinterest from an adolescent peer group is pity. Nothing sexy about that. Not then, not now. Luckily, most of the time, high school feels very far away. Ten years away. Except it’s not anymore. The reunion is looming, and Jenny has already RSVP’d with a plus one. Finally, a chance to show up looking decent, image vastly improved by the date on her arm. Or it would have been, had he not dumped her.
She’d cancel, but she can’t. She’s got a job teaching in the same school as of January, so this Christmas party is a must. A holiday high school reunion? What could be worse?
Maybe, it’s finding out the date her best friend pulls together last minute is actually her high school boyfriend. Back, and hotter than ever.

A Rizer Wolfpack Series
by Amelia Wilson

What would really happen if mankind found out shifters lived among us?
Find out in this hot and Steamy Paranormal Romance series what happens when the world is flipped onto its head. Governments, and cities are toppled. Humans become the minority.
The world seems dark to the humans who have survived. Mankind was not made to buckle, there are still many who stand up. Only where is the right place to make a stand, and for who?
Love is found in the most unexpected of places. It is what drives us all and what inspires the characters in this series to stand where no one else has dared to stand, dead center.
This boxset series contains elements of suspense, passion, spies, werewolves, shifters you’ve never heard of, destined mates, and powers that will have you reading in a hurry to find out what will happen next.
All five books in the series are included in this set. Love Beyond the Wall Sight of Love Claimed by Love In Love with the Enemy Love for you Alone Climb the wall with Cara, face the demons in the night with Angeline, be claimed with Onyx, fall with Nora, and Risk everything with Nicloe! Each book ends with a happily ever after and can be read alone or concurrently.


Swept Away Shadows
By Jennifer Miller

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