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“The reasonable man adapts himself to the world;
the unreasonable one persists in trying
to adapt the world to himself.”

― George Bernard Shaw

“Má bhíonn tú ag lorg cara gan locht,
beidh tú gan chara go deo.”

“If you’re searching for a friend without faults,
you will be without a friend forever.”

Greetings –  

I’m slowly getting back into the holiday spirit. It’s been a few years since my father passed away suddenly right before Christmas, and that took all the wind from my sails. When we first bought our house, I was beyond giddy to decorate. I had a place of my own to do as I pleased… Well, when the husband cooperated, that is.

After my dad passed, I just stopped. For years I didn’t even bother pulling out the buckets of decorations for each holiday. It honestly didn’t even cross my mind. We rarely did the gatherings as we had, so decorating just didn’t seem like it was worth the energy needed.

I’ve not only decorated for Valentine’s Day last month, but I’ve got quite a bit of my “Irish lover’s” decor out and have decorated the front porch with it, just to look at outside of the holiday. I have gnomes, and leprechauns, and fairies and such. I’ve also been on a mad kick to plant as many shamrock plants as I can. I currently have pink-flowered, white-flowered, and yellow-flowered, Oxalis plants growing. I’ve ordered the Cross versions as well as a really pretty peppermint Oxalis, which isn’t really a shamrock, but still part of that family. The picture of one of the plants is above. Once I get them planted and they bloom, I promise to post lots of pictures.

All Things Writing:

I’ve been making tons more notes on the two new series that I plan to write next. Plotting ideas and names and places like crazy since both have to do with traveling just as the current series does. I’ve always had an insatiable wanderlust since I was a child. This is one of the reasons for my love of reading. I was able to close my eyes and run away from home, to beautiful destinations around the world. To times before I was born, when people were dazzling and the world was full of promise. More than anything else, growing up I knew I wanted to see the world. To experience everything I could.

I’m dabbling with ideas of a paranormal/historical romance that has a time travel element in it. And a mystery series that will have the characters traipsing around the world solving little who done its while they are on location.

If you are interested in being a part of this, I’d love to hear from you. Tell me your favorite destination, and why. Is it the history you love, the weather, the stunning beaches, and clear water? Is the cuisine out of this world, or are the people so lovely you can’t imagine ever visiting another place?  If I choose your location, I will also name one of the local characters with your name, or if you chose the name of your kids, grandkids, dog, or cat! 😉 So share those ideas.

I’m still having problems with my email service provider. It seems a few people hit the “spam” button instead of the unsubscribe links at the bottom of the email, and so the service is worried about us following the GDPR laws. They have halted the account until I can confirm that the names on my list have consented to be there. Unfortunately, this is going to remain an issue until more people fill out this form below. Because my list is international, I have to follow every law applicable. I’m trying this form instead since many of you just responded directly to the email, and while I love to hear from you, this doesn’t constitute legal consent.

Book News:


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Author Spotlight:

I’m skipping the author spotlight this month to focus on all the free books we are bringing you.

Bookfunnel Promos:

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Travels and Adventures: 

February was pretty quiet on the home front. March has been as well. I expect that once the weather warms up, and the plaque is under better control, that we will be able to do more visiting. I’d really like to catch up with some of our family that we haven’t seen in more than a year.

Animal Antics:

Cj’s growing like crazy, Rubi and CJ are still inseparable, she’s teaching him to bark at air, and he’s teaching her how to eat my jasmine plants, dig up my shamrocks, and drive me absolutely batty!

The New Creative Space:

For some reason, my newsletters were only sending the images to some people, and sometimes only some of the images! Technology is taking its toll on my sanity lately.  So this month I have nothing new to add. But I will soon. 

But I am always up for new suggestions and ideas, so keep them coming. I really do love hearing from you.

To keep up with all of the changes, and make suggestions, tell me what you like or don’t like, all suggestions are welcome,  follow my board on Pinterest here: New Home Office

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